The team at Keenair has attempted to pre-empt any questions which you may have so check out the following list but don't hesitate to get in touch if you need to know more.

Can I park my aircraft at Keenair?

Yes. If the aircraft is based here at Liverpool, or you would like it to be, you can opt to be affiliated to Keenair Ltd and arrange parking through us on our apron.

What are the benefits of Keenair's hangarage and apron parking services?

The benefits of hangaring your aircraft with us are firstly that the aircraft is protected against the weather/winds etc. With 2 hours notice we will manoeuvre your aircraft from our hangar and position it on the apron and, if required, have it re-fuelled ready for your arrival. You have full use of our club facilities for pre-flight, booking out and car parking - all in close proximity of the hangar and apron. If you choose apron parking only you still benefit from full use of our club facilities for pre-flight, booking out, car parking, again all in close proximity of the hangar and apron.

Do you provide fuel and when is this available?

Yes, Avgas 100LL is provided on our apron direct to your aircraft (click here for more details).

What types of aircraft do you have experience of?

Keenair has a vast experience of maintaining various types of aircraft (click here for a full list).

What are the benefits of opting for Keenair's Aircraft Management services (i.e. selecting Keenair to be your CAMO)?

If you opt to come under our controlled environment and to be contracted to us as your CAMO, after your initial ARC issue by Keenair Ltd, as long as you remain in our controlled environment, for the following 2 years your ARC can be extended. Keenair do not charge for an ARC extension, we only re-charge the CAA fee. If your choose not to be contracted to a CAMO your aircraft must have a full ARC renewal every year.

Can Keenair maintain American registered (N reg.) and Light Aircraft Association (LAA) aircraft?

Yes we maintain various aircraft types in both categories.

Which bodies are Keenair's maintenance services approved by?

Keenair are approved by the CAA and EASA. We can maintain your aircraft up to and including annual inspections (Star annuals for national aircraft) and under our sub part G approval can carry out and issue your ARC plus extend it every 2nd and 3rd year if you are contracted to our CAMO.

Will Keenair still maintain my aircraft if I have not selected them to be my CAMO?

Yes we can maintain your aircraft under our sub part F approval. We can also carry out and issue your ARC annually. An ARC must be issued yearly for aircraft not contracted to a CAMO.

Does Keenair provide aircraft restoration?

Yes we restore aircraft (vintage and modern) and also carry out post accident repairs/restoration including insurance claims.